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With thousands of items on our shelves for your farm, garden, lawn, ranch, and pets, we offer one of the largest and varied inventories for one stop shopping in the Mission Valley.


In addition, we offer testing, application, and installation services to give you the complete package. From soil testing to custom farming and from pest control to dog grooming, you can count on us for up-to-the-minute knowledge and skill.


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Westland Seed, Inc.

Ronan, MT
(406) 676-4100




Crop and Seed


Animal feed

Garden seeds

Custom lawn mixtures


Spotlight On:

The Groom Room

Wendy grooming


The Groom Room is now open and ready to take care of your best friend.

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Grain and hay testing

Soil testing

Fertilizer recommendations and applications

Chemical recommendations spraying

Pest recognition and control

Seed cleaning and treating

Custom grass blends and seed application

Custom farming

Dog grooming

Underground sprinkler systems design, installation, and maintenance


Equipment rental

Birds, chickens, turkeys, ducks


Corrals and gates

Domestic pet food

Livestock medicines

Flower and plants

Gardening tools

Boots and gloves

Lawn ornaments and decorations


White's Metal Detectors


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