Sporting Goods!

Westland Seed’s Sporting Goods Department is unique. We have the fishing, archery and firearms like other sporting goods stores, but then we take it up a notch above the others. We offer Montana Hunter Education Classes with a classroom that fits 20-25 students comfortably. We offer Basic Pistol and Concealed Weapons Permit Classes instructed by NRA Certified Instructors. We have Fully Automatic Firearms from FNH. The P90 is a Bullpup design that fires the 5.7×28 caliber, 50 rounds per magazine. The two SCAR 16’s are 223/5.56 calibers, both using the 30 round magazines. One SCAR 16 is suppressed(w/silencer). The SCAR 17 is a .308 (7.62 NATO) caliber that uses 20 round magazines. All four firearms are outfitted with Vortex’s latest optics. You can buy one magazine to shoot or ten magazines. There is no limit. You can shoot the firearms on our very own 100 yard shooting range, in the rear of the store.

We have the largest selection of firearms in three valleys. Next time you’re in Ronan be sure to stop in. We’ll see you then.