One Stop Shop!

Westland Seed Inc., Mission Valleys Farm, Garden, Ranch and Outdoor Outfitter, is a ONE stop shop for everything for the Farmer, Rancher, Gardener and Outdoor enthusiast. We have large animal feed, dog and cat food, plus supplies, Show Rite 4-H livestock feeds, fencing supplies, chemical and supplies, fertilizer and supplies, lawn grass seed, native seed, grain cereal seed, alfalfa seed, cover crop seed. We also do custom chemical, fertilizer and air seed applications .Our most recent venture is the Sporting Goods Department. We have a huge selection of guns, ammo, black guns, fishing, reloading, archery, clothing, and everything an Outdoor Outfiitter needs. We also have a shooting range outback and Full Auto’s to shoot. We strive to have what our customers are looking for and if we don’t have it we will sure try and get it. Throughout the year we have special promotions and events in which we offer exceptional sales and we have fun doing it. We will also give away REALLY nice prizes some of which have been Trips, Guns, Clothing, Muck Boots just to name a few. So come on in to Westland  Seed where we strive to give each customer the service they deserve.