Outdoor Store

outdoor2All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We’re focused on helping you get the job done first, but when the work’s done, we aren’t afraid to have a good time too! Our new expansion will blow you away. If it doesn’t, grab a can of tannerite and a box of shells and that should do the trick! With the largest gun and archery selection in the mission valley, a full line of quality American made optics, a complete fishing department, and all the accessories to complete your setup, we’ve got your spare time covered. Western Montana is a playground of outdoor adventure and Westland Seed is your one stop shop before your adventure begins. Or if times a crunch, why not make Westland Seed an adventure in itself. outdoor1Have a ton of fun in no time testing our fully automatic firearms at the gun range on site! If you’ve never shot before, sign up for one of our gun classes, taught by certified, experienced instructors and if you or the kids haven’t completed it yet, be sure to check our calendar for the next hunters education class. With Flathead lake right nearby, the Flathead River, the Flathead Forest and numerous other great American outdoor playgrounds of the west right within reach, Westland Seed is a true Montana destination to hit along the way. Oh and don’t forget to grab a Yeti cooler and stock it up with cold beverages before you go!

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