Over 40 Years Of Service

In 1973, Ken Sagmiller bought PV Company in Ronan, MT and combined it with his Charlo, MT seed co-op, Western Seed and Supply, to form what would eventually become Westland Seed Inc. – owned today by his son, David Sagmiller. Throughout the decades, we’ve faithfully served the farmers, ranchers, and agricultural enthusiasts of the Mission Valley through the good times and the bad.  After over 43 years of service, Westland Seed is still an agricultural pillar of the community, and it’s all due to the customers we serve.

Our growers and ranchers faced a tough year this year battling the worst drought and temperatures on record in almost a century.  Irrigation water was scarce and crops, pastures, and hayfields suffered. Wildfires battered Western Montana and summer grazing grounds looked tough. Yields were low, water was scarce, and the only bumper crop was the grasshoppers, but the valley pulled through.  On a less depressing note, this year was the trial run on an exciting new crop introduction grown in the valley. We hired a young entomologist with an interest in bees to help manage our newly planted alfalfa seed crop.  Though there were many challenges to overcome, the alfalfa leaf-cutter bees fared well and are now hibernating in our on-site cooler and our first seed harvest resulted in respectable yields. This next year will present its own challenges with El Nino forecasting warmer and drier weather, and possible increasing population levels of key disease transmitting agricultural pests.

With 2015 almost behind us, we’re looking forward to help you tackle the challenges of the year ahead.  We’re continually making improvements to better serve our valued customers and we look forward to partnering with you in the field in the coming year.  Finally, our fertilizer department Institution, Forrest Johnsen, has a new lease on life and will be dispensing his sage advice with his regular vigor and vinegar. In this, not much has changed.

We hope you stay tuned for new news, ideas, issues, pertinent to agriculture in the valley and here at Westland Seed.  Again, thank you and we look forward to seeing you back in the field soon.